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With a wealth of experience, Elie has been in the hair and beauty industry for many years. Elie is the creator and educator of the salon , what inspires Elie is the creativity and modernism of hair . throughout elie's career he has shown great motivation and work.
What inspires me about being a Hairdresser is the look on someones face after you make them feel and look great .
Hairdressing is a fashion statement it’s never boring as styles come and go, It’s great to help people, as by doing someone’s hair can make them feel good about themselves and more confident.
Hairdressing is apart of our life...that’s true. It’s help people feel more confident for themselves as how ever they look and where ever they go.
Beauty has always been my inspiration, my experience throughout the beauty industry has brought much joy and greatful for every moment.
What inspires me is when someone comes to you and is down and out in them self’s and you give them a whole new look and at the end there confidence and a smile.
What inspires me about being a hair stylist is the amazing trends and how good you can make people feel and it gives you the ability and freedom to incorporate your creativity in you work and enjoy every moment.